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Teksid Block PI Head swap info needed

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Hey how's it going?

I'm planning on building a naturally aspirated engine for my 1996 GT, and have a few questions. I've been looking online for the specs of the Teksid and PI heads so I can get an accurate reading as to what to expect my Compression Ratio to be at, but have been getting numbers that conflict so I wanted to ask here.

For the Teksid block are the Bore and stroke of the Rod the same as all other 4.6L engines?

Bore: 3.552
Stroke: 3.543

What's the Deck clearance of the Teksid, or would I have to put my Pistons in first then check?

What's the Cylinder head volume on the NPI and PI heads?
Compressed Gasket thickness?

I'm looking into purchasing this kit: Sealed Power CSMHP796-000 from Summit Racing.

Now, I live in California, and 91 Octane is the highest I can purchase here. I want to run around a 10.5-11:1 Compression ratio and install cams to lower my Dynamic Compression Ratio to a more acceptable level.

I'm trying to use Summit's CR calculator which requires the following to work.
Bore, Stroke, Cylinder head volume, effective dome volume, deck clearance, compressed gasket thickness, and number of cylinders.

I've had members help me with some of the aspects of building this, and I greatly appreciate their help. I want to make sure that I'm on the right road to putting this engine together and making my Baby run as good and happy as I can.
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Really?? No one can chime in? Wow, I thought this was a fairly common engine build.
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