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Temperature needle went crazy

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Hello all,

I am not to much into the internet forums but I am searching for something that happened to my mustang 05 v6.

The temperature needle went crazy, the car is not overheating and looks normal, is just the needle. It went to H, and passed it, almost give full turn.

I am going to change the temperature sensor, but I am not sure if thats it, since unplugging it did not make any change on the needle.

I also got this codes.


I went to the mecahinc but they want to change the whole gauge, that will be expensive :/ and as I am on furlough I can not afford that.



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It very likely is a bad temp gauge (bad stepper motor, there's one in each individual gauge). They typically go bad one at a time, over time. Best to replace all 4 fuel, temp, speedo, tach.

Helps to know what year your vehicle is ?? Earlier ones more likely to have problem.


I attempted repairs to mine, gave up...these people will do it for us:
I used these guys more than a year ago when 3 of my 4 instruments went overboard in my 2005 GT in the space of a month, all but the gas gauge, and I am more than happy with the work. I sent them my cluster, they fixed it, replacing all 4 stepper motors, and sent it back looking like a brand new factory cluster. I highly recommend them without question. WATCH YOUTUBE. WATCH THE VIDEO ON THE CIRCUIT BOARD MEDICS WEBSITE. The hard part is not dropping the bolts down in the guts of the dash, and almost as hard is trying to figure out how to get the little blue lock thingy (or is it yellow? forgot) to let you unplug the cluster. It is easy to break.

You can drive the car without the cluster in it. I did it for 8 days. I used my GPS for a speedo and counted miles for gas. All I got for it was a code that the ECU could not talk to the dash control module or something insignificant like that.
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