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Texas Members (Central Area) - Check In Here!

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HI guys I have been in central texas for a while, but just recently got anouther mustang:) . I am a long time ford adict though. I am just looking to get to some people in the area. I am in Killeen. If you know of any get togethers and thing like that let me know. I am going to start being a regular at Tempton/ Academy Drag strip. Feel free to contact me any time. I look forward to get to know some you.
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hey everybody whats up? can't believe i didn't discover this thread a long time ago. i'm in Austin and also used to go out to little river quite frequently. do any of you go to the "y" at oak hill? lately i've moved away from going fast in a straight line and started looking into NASA events. if any of you know more about some going on around here let me know.
i think a small group of us are going to little river/temple academy dragway for test n tune night next friday. if nothing else we'll try to make it out to the y at oak hill soon.
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