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Thanksgiving is gunna be great...

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Been waiting for thanksgiving break for so long, Going to completely clean my car which is
1. Wash it down
2. Clay bar it
3. Swirl x
4. Scratch x 2.0 for the little scratches that didnt come off(its black so theres quite a few)
5. Finish it off with a wax (which i have a question about, how should i go about waxing my black mustang? ive heard its different for black cars)

Then im going to put on the quarter window louvers, plasti dip my rims black, the horse emblem grabber blue(or black, depending on which looks better) and my wheel wells blue. Pretty excited to get all this done! Wish me luck

Around christmas times come the vinyl and exhaust, so its gunna be a pretty badass piece of work by then.
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I like the concept of blue wheel wells on a black car. Post pictures when it gets done!
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