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Ok, Ill start it out.

This car was the easiest Ive ever changed oil on!
next time I will cover the line right below the filter so it does'nt get soaked every oil change.

The bird poop comes off like nothing with Zaino. Its like a teflon finish.

man, 500 miles and avg MPG is 16-18.

Wherever this thread wants to go, may it go!
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I used about 100 year old bath towels that are 100% cotton, to wax and dry, works very well, very soft like a baby's butt. I have been washing my car about everyother day now, can't stand it when it's dirty. I already have 4 coats of Zaino on it already, when will the madness stop? :eyepoppin

On another off topic rant, I have been driving a S-10 under powered 4 banger Chevy pickup for 8 years and have not had so many close calls with people hitting me as with my Mustang of only a few weeks, just yesterday, I was comming to a stop at a 4-way intersection and noticed a pickup about 4 car lengths to the right of me, I thought no problem, so I made my stop and just as I made my left, I see this idiot with his fender inches away from my side, he just decided to blow right through the stop, If he would have hit me, he would have ended up kissing the asphalt.:shocked:

Then the other day, I was coming to a stop light, just a couple car lenghts from the light and this idiot cuts right in front of me and slams on his brakes.
Anyone else have these close calls since you got your new one? I am getting very nervous about driving it anymore.
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Ragnar said:
I'm looking and I see nuttin'. Wanna know why? 'Cause I got nuttin'. Still waiting for my damn car!:kooky:
It was suggested to me to have the dealer call the yard, I did that, the next day I got the call.
Ragnar said:
PC...Funny you should note how close you have come to so many accidents already. I think you'll need to learn to live with that...sad to say. I have the same issue with my current 2000 silver Mustang. I refer to it as my stealth car because it seems no one can see it. I have never been so close to so many accidents. Had I not taken some form of avoidance action I'd probably be dead by now. Sometimes I wish I was driving an M1 Tank. I'm hoping the windveil blue is a little more visible.
There was a thread earlier where this guy in a SCREAMING YELLOW 05 got creamed because someone decided they wanted the same lane, now if they can't see that color, it's hopeless. :eyebulge:
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Ragnar said:
BTW...what's the secret to attaching a picture to your message?
When you reply, scroll down to manage attachments, there you can browse to your file and upload it.
Waxed'05 GT said:
PC - redundant, redundant.:sterb:
Sorry but like my Mustang, I beat you to it. :laughlitt
Ragnar said:
Here ya go. All these are 2005 models. Almost all the 178 cars have less than 5,000 miles on them.
My Eyes, My Eyes, I cannot bear to look :shocked:
The one picture has the windshield wipers stuck up, makes me wonder if it was a rainy day in Georgia. Another one has it's snorkel sticking out, reminds me of a wounded elephant. :laughlitt
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Stoenr said:

Any deals on some take off wheels? I need some for the winter, and some 17" stocks would be great!
Have you tried Santa Claus :rolleyes:
Stoenr said:
w00t no tungstens! lol
Tungstens are close to silver, I seen the paint mix on another forum, White,Silver,Lavender and grey I believe, look at the stats, silver 48 hits!
It may be too the amount sold with that color is the most.
Dea. R&E said:
I was just checking out the girl with the blue sweater, on the Mercury commercial. Nice. Why is there never a Mustang commercial?
The only mustang commercial I have seen was one for a convertable last year.
kscoyote said:
Who CARES?!?!


Certainly not Tom Cruise :laughlitt
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GeoStang said:
If You Insist:
:eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin
Gig4Fun said:
See! What a great idea it was to run this wax/polish gang off the ordered shipped thread!

Keep up the good work! !!!!!
Speaking of threads, I noticed that the very first poster on that thread has his car for sale in the classifieds.
Isn't that just a bowl of cheese? :sadcry:
GeoStang said:
Yeah... and he's asking more than I'm paying out-the-door for my '06!!

He'll prolly get it too!!
Ask the new car manager for your vin, that's how I got mine, the orders have to go through him.
GeoStang said:
I haven't talked to him directly, but my saleslady has asked him a couple of times and he says I can't have it till the build week. I think it's a bunch of BS:mad:, but I don't want to piss-off the dealer. It's not a big deal now since my car is to be built next week :yup:.
It is BS, lol, I wonder why he is guarding it :shrug
Anyway good luck on the build!
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Dea. R&E said:
It really is flat in the turns. That is how I judge suspension. There is a spot on my way home from work that is a hair-pin turn. We call it "Dead Man's Curve", (old Goddard, if you're from around downriver), because now and then a car slides off. The G.T. shows no noticable lean.
If the Corvette people only knew how much fun they could have for half-price.
Hey there, fellow Michigander here, what size wheels do you have? I have the 18's and find them "twitchy" if I hit a bump.
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Stoenr said:
I feel the same thing, but I wanted to believe that was because of solid axle rear end, I was use to IRS for the last 8 years.

And them damn noisy tires! I am soo tempted to slap some Goodyears on there. Need a buyer for my BFG's tho.

100 a piece, any takers, lol
What the heck are you driving on? my tires don't make any noise.
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Stoenr said:
Lol, any kinda road. BFG even didnt give these tires a good rating on noise.

unless I do have a wheel bearing issue. Need to ride in someon else's with the 18's
If you notice on your sticker, the 18" wheels are optional $$$ but the tires are no charge :shocked: So I am guessing they are not going to put the best tires in the world on them :laughlitt
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Stoopy said:
Speaking of bird poop, what in cripe's name is going on between this car and those filthy, foul, fowl, anyway??

My car has, at present, no less than 25 - count 'em, Twenty-Five "turd mounds" where these frikkin' disgusting, diabolically diahretic drones have dumped their dung with not the least bit of dignity nor discretion!

It's garage-kept and my dedicated parking spot at work is NOT under any trees!!! And it looks like they've been eating.....taco mix!!

Never had this problem with my truck, and it didn't stay in the garage.

What gives???

Why do birds,suddenly appear,
Every time, my 'Stang's near?
Unlike me,
They want to Pee,
and dump their Poo!!!

Laaa, la la la la.....dump their poo......
:heha: :heha: :heha: :heha: :heha: :heha:
Poop, you guys are having trouble with Poop? I have been having more close calls with idiot drivers in a the last few weeks than with my Chevy pickup that I have been driving for 8 years.
Can't you people just go crash into a tree or something? :laughlitt
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Ragnar said:
Well today was Zano day. I wanted to wait a week but my schedule was too busy. This is the only weekend to do everything. So I washed the car I have one big complaint with the dealer. You all may have this issue as well. When they pulled off that protective coating around the bumpers and fenders there is an adhesive residue on my paint. The dealership didn't remove it when they washed the car. It's really tough to get off. Regular car soap and even clay bar didn't do it. I eventually got it off but man I was really disappointed to see it. You'll see a dull waffel like pattern on the portion of your bumper (front and back) that is perpindicular to the ground. You can even feel it if you rub your fingers across it.

Car is completely clean now, clay barred and ready for the first coat of wax.

Wax on...wax off!!!
Mine was all nice and clean, no goop or anything when I picked it up. Very satisified the way they cleaned it up!.
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Ragnar said:
So what is the recommendation for mounting a front license? Drill the holes or something else?
Move to another state. :eyebulge:

Did you try a search? a few months back someone came up with a no drill bracket, sorry, I can't remember who posted it.
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