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Ok, Ill start it out.

This car was the easiest Ive ever changed oil on!
next time I will cover the line right below the filter so it does'nt get soaked every oil change.

The bird poop comes off like nothing with Zaino. Its like a teflon finish.

man, 500 miles and avg MPG is 16-18.

Wherever this thread wants to go, may it go!
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Waffle weave microfiber towels are a must too! God I cant believe I use to use cheap stolen hotel towels to dry my black tbird. no wonder it looked like crap!
dang waxed, I used almost the 4/5th the 2 oz bottle. Its sorta hard to see the wax as your applying on the Tungsten color. I musta done alot of overlapping, lol. Next coat ill be sure to pay closer attention.
Waxed'05 GT said:
............. I don't know what you mean by "waffle weave" .........

And blue ones here for removing zaino, and yellow for the Z6 spray
Well, If I have to look this hard to see what I cant see, Im not gonna worry about it, lol.

Thanks for the input on the Zaino, more experience, opinions, the better we are.
Ragnar said:
We have 178 Mustangs in our inventory that are all wrecks, floods, or theft recoveries. They're all 2005 models so far.

Any deals on some take off wheels? I need some for the winter, and some 17" stocks would be great!
Lol, you sent me the link! I figured you were already joined. Im hoping for a cruise night before the end of the year. The video I watched of one looked fun, my g/f was into it too, which was a surprise to me.

is ragnar a member of chicagoland mustang club?
I thought maybe you could just roll some wheels out for me. :winks
Im not surpised to see this many smashed up. Get a young driver, or even old, just not ready for the power, and get a slick road.

how bout the 5 finger discount!?
Ragnar said:
If you can get past the 10,000 volt electric fence and barbed wire...have at it. Might be easier to get a dealer's license and attend the auction. Some of these cars sell for 1,000 or less.

I was hoping your boss or someone might take 3-400 for a set of good matching wheels, thats all.
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w00t no tungstens! lol
Gig4Fun said:
I think it was one of the ones on during the Superbowl.
Thats the moment I said I need to have a Mustang.
120 just now, man did that ever come quick. No hood dancin that I could see.
Ragnar, you are aware there is another outlet inside the center console right?
145th and Cicero. Midlothian
pcfrisch said:
Hey there, fellow Michigander here, what size wheels do you have? I have the 18's and find them "twitchy" if I hit a bump.
I feel the same thing, but I wanted to believe that was because of solid axle rear end, I was use to IRS for the last 8 years.

And them damn noisy tires! I am soo tempted to slap some Goodyears on there. Need a buyer for my BFG's tho.

100 a piece, any takers, lol
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Lol, yeah, I gave it one try with my bare hands, no luck. But we have every oil filter wrench imaginable here. Also it helps when the cars 6 feet in the air.
pcfrisch said:
What the heck are you driving on? my tires don't make any noise.
Lol, any kinda road. BFG even didnt give these tires a good rating on noise.

unless I do have a wheel bearing issue. Need to ride in someon else's with the 18's
pcfrisch said:
If you notice on your sticker, the 18" wheels are optional $$$ but the tires are no charge :shocked: So I am guessing they are not going to put the best tires in the world on them :laughlitt

Another thing, the tire/wheel combo is HEAVY! I was surprised they were that heavy.
HAHA ragnar just pulled in the lot here, i was like this guy must be lost, til i realized who it was
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