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Ok, Ill start it out.

This car was the easiest Ive ever changed oil on!
next time I will cover the line right below the filter so it does'nt get soaked every oil change.

The bird poop comes off like nothing with Zaino. Its like a teflon finish.

man, 500 miles and avg MPG is 16-18.

Wherever this thread wants to go, may it go!
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I am on it!

I hit the Zaino site and gosh..... so many products.... I don't know what to buy. Seems they have a good following here. Can you suggest a "kit"? I saw one that had an accelerator in it and I can't think what that would be used for.....

I am looking for expert opinions for the care of my Stang with their product line...
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guys..take a look at your paint in the light; look deep to the bottom, (not the surface). I see swirl sand scratches that appear to be from about 180 grit jitterbug sander..... I noticed when my '05 was new it had soft paint. I put a gouge in it from my fingernail. Now the paint has settle down and done its evaporating stuff and looks to have laid into the primer coat without much of a filler coat after sanding. It is something an experienced eye can see... Take a look and let me know if you have the sand scratches....
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pcfrisch said:
The only mustang commercial I have seen was one for a convertable last year.
I think it was one of the ones on during the Superbowl.
See! What a great idea it was to run this wax/polish gang off the ordered shipped thread!

Keep up the good work! !!!!!
Stoenr said:
Thats the moment I said I need to have a Mustang.
I did not see the Super Bowl but I saw a web page that had adds on it and it said the guy in the frozen convertible was from the SupeBowl add.

My moment:

The first time I saw the new stang I was on a shuttle bus in Key West on Spring Break and one went by. I couldn't believe my eyes.... Then I saw a few more in the next few days... (I was down there 8 days) I was totally taken by surprise when I saw them. I got one when I came back from Spring break; March 22 purchased the '05 GT off the lot. I did not test drive it at all I told the salesman I was hungry as hell and wanted to get home so lets hurry up and get me out with it. I was very lucky that the dealer had one. They told me they sell fast and it was there 1 day already.... I do not know why I did not run in the loop to even know Ford was coming out with the car until I saw them in the Keys.
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Bottle fed vs. Breast fed....

I have had two cars with Nitrous. All was good until a my "bottle" was empty....
Natural is best....:winks
pcfrisch said:
Will your pump stang be naturally fed?
either Saleen Supercharger of the Keith Black. ~ no bottle. Natural breast man here....:drool:
Funny my guys in the shop always managed to take from a bottle with the balloons. (they put it in balloon and put it to their mouth and inhaled the stuff) huffed it.. weirdo's
Hemi truck challenge...

Hired a new guy at work drives 2005 Dodge shortbox, shortcab (single doors and very small full size w/20's) with 5.7 Hemi and says he beats Mustang GT's.

Anyone know the 0-60 and 1/4 for this truck? plese provide a link so I can quote.

The worlds fastest pickup is the SRT V10 @ 0-60 @ 5.3sec

I am not into getting a ticket or street racing but he is pushing buttons.... any data appreciated.

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I love this offtopic shite Home at last gang

I'm here to thank everyone that contributed to the Ram Hemi incident. I googled and googled and had printed stuff to go through with him after work... Seems it will take a for real spankin' to convince him. He just knows his is faster and he creamed the ugly green GT..... I told him it had to be a gramma in a V6 he soid nope had duals etc..

Thanks guys. Someday the other shoe will drop ("so to speak") I'll let you know.

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You guys got my adrenalin goin'! I'm lookin' for him now! Will let you know when we "git 'er done" darn redkneck Hemi looser.... (I'm talking "right for him" now!)

Gunna install the "Pumpkin Sead" switch first thing.
Guys I am close enough to get together too. Not this time but when the '06 is here I will consider a few road trips.
tatloon said:
the baby is spitting hdy. fluid from the vert top mechanism. completely soaked the drivers seat belt and ruined a nice suit that i was wearing!:sosad:

as long as it stops i will be there
Gosh sorry to hear that ! Ugh! When are they gunna fix it?

BTW I ws born in Joliet. Spent time living in Ill off and on too... Know it pretty well.
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hahaha here's a good one that coulda got me a black eye if it weren't for my fast talkin'...

I told the wife I was gunna be a father Monday....... (very brief hesitation) I told her it was pony day Monday. Geeez she was thinkin' sumthin' Bad!!!
Waterloo Iowa
Thanks Stoenr !

Heh, be sure to get over to BO. K man is messin' with ya!
Got another 64w off of Blue ovel to show ya!

Got another 64w off of Blue ovel to show ya!


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Where the hell has roboz been? anyone know what he has been up to since the supercharger etc. etc. ?
haha..We'd make good neighbors. I have a similar setup. Yeah drinkin' at home is the way to fly for this guy too. I take it very lite in bars.
Stoenr said:
Gobble gobble, hope everyones turkey day was good.
Sure was for me, take a look at the liquir setup.
Nice ! Did you put four snows on then? I should be doing this to one of my stangs..... I will check on the price here for that tire. BUT the 30 day wait thing... I would want them right away. Thanks for the follow up.

Oh, got my Zaino today! I suppose I will have to post my results and talk about it fopr awhile here too..(payback hahaha)

Watch out for the crazy drivers, Rustang

Stoenr said:
Man is the ride better with these snow tires on, and ALOT quieter than those Crappy BFG's, those things roar like a lion.
Fanblades are away for the winter, now Ill enjoy the Bullit look for a few months.
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