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Ok, Ill start it out.

This car was the easiest Ive ever changed oil on!
next time I will cover the line right below the filter so it does'nt get soaked every oil change.

The bird poop comes off like nothing with Zaino. Its like a teflon finish.

man, 500 miles and avg MPG is 16-18.

Wherever this thread wants to go, may it go!
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I user towels to dry the car...not remove wax. Old t-shirts are great for removing wax and polishing your car.
I'm looking and I see nuttin'. Wanna know why? 'Cause I got nuttin'. Still waiting for my damn car!:kooky:
PC...Funny you should note how close you have come to so many accidents already. I think you'll need to learn to live with that...sad to say. I have the same issue with my current 2000 silver Mustang. I refer to it as my stealth car because it seems no one can see it. I have never been so close to so many accidents. Had I not taken some form of avoidance action I'd probably be dead by now. Sometimes I wish I was driving an M1 Tank. I'm hoping the windveil blue is a little more visible.
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pcfrisch said:
It was suggested to me to have the dealer call the yard, I did that, the next day I got the call.
I did that yesterday and my salesman said he thinks he saw my car on the hauler go past the dealership to their other yard where they prep the cars. Said he'd probably be calling me last night or today. No call last night so...

I feel like I'm at a missile launch and we're at T-10 and holding.
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pcfrisch said:
There was a thread earlier where this guy in a SCREAMING YELLOW 05 got creamed because someone decided they wanted the same lane, now if they can't see that color, it's hopeless. :eyebulge:
We have 178 Mustangs in our inventory that are all wrecks, floods, or theft recoveries. They're all 2005 models so far.

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BTW...what's the secret to attaching a picture to your message?
Stoenr said:
Lol, you sent me the link! I figured you were already joined. Im hoping for a cruise night before the end of the year. The video I watched of one looked fun, my g/f was into it too, which was a surprise to me.

is ragnar a member of chicagoland mustang club?
Technically I could since I have a 2000 Mustang. Nice as it is it's nothing to brag about. I'm waiting for my 2006, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

BTW, you have to be a licensed dealer to buy at our auctions. But I'll post a few pictures.
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Here ya go. All these are 2005 models. Almost all the 178 cars have less than 5,000 miles on them.


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Stoenr said:
Im not surpised to see this many smashed up. Get a young driver, or even old, just not ready for the power, and get a slick road.

how bout the 5 finger discount!?
If you can get past the 10,000 volt electric fence and barbed wire...have at it. Might be easier to get a dealer's license and attend the auction. Some of these cars sell for 1,000 or less.
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Two Words...IT's Here!!!

Got the call...pick it up at 4:00 today.

Zoom Zoom!!!
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Back to PC's comment about near misses with his car and my comment about color being tied to that, here are some stats from our database:

Total Mustangs wrecked = 178
Black = 29
Blue = 25
Bronze = 5
Green = 1
Silver = 48
Red = 32
White = 18
Yellow = 7
Unknown = 13 (because they were total burns)

Any color stand out here as the most likely to be hit? I'd graph this in Excel if I was smart enough.
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brnrkm said:

looks like someone already got the wheels off this one.
Yep...You're right. Those wheels are from the 99-04 series.
ssoss said:
I'd say the color silver is hard to see and could definately have something to do with it. Red is pretty visible and there are still a lot of accidents there. BUT, I'd say the color might tell you something about the DRIVER. Or, then again, it might tell you something about the popularity of the color. Or it's a combination of visibility, hence Silver with the most accidents, and gender, hence Red with the second most.:winks

Then of course there's the black because they are the fastest ones!
I thought silver was hard to see too. I know the insurance companies think red is the most risky color because of ticket stats. I don't know anything about the age group or gender of the vehicle owners. My guess is mostly males. This is a guy's car. Camaro's were for the ladies.
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SunBoss said:
We need some stats on what vehicles cause the near misses. I also have screaming yellow, but all my near misses are big SUVs, vans (not mini-vans), and large pickup trucks. All of them have their mirrors adjusted way too high up to see anything shorter than themselves. So I think the wrecked color stats are pretty much going to follow the color popularity stats. They can't see ANY of us...:sosad:
I thought all the SUVs drove on the emergency lane and sidewalks. What are you doing up there with a Mustang?:)
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Just got back after picking up my car. What a car! Gobs of power. Great sound. Very flat in the turns. Having a quick bite, then back on the road. Pictures later.
Waxed'05 GT said:
hehehe, Ragnar... Do you have more miles on her than I do mine, already???? Have you hit 50 on the odometer yet???
Got about 50 miles on her now. Been damn near 90 briefly. Drove out in the forest preserves tonight and almost hit a deer and then almost ran over a possum. Not good. Car is safe and sound in the garage. More fun tomorrow. I took the day off work:laughlitt.
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Some observations. Negatives: No little light under the hood. Hard to see things when it's dark. If there is a light it doesn't work with the lights off. Cigarette lighter is near top of dash. That's an odd place. Now my cell phone charger chord will hand down in front of the controls for the radio. Also, when the gear shifter is all the way forward in Park (I have automatic) I have to reach over it to get at the temp controls. Not the best position for my wrist. Anybody notice there is virtually no space between the back of the front seat and the front of the back seat. Even small kids couldn't sit back there. What did Ford do with the extra length this car has?

Positives: Damn fast car. Nice growl to the exhaust. Really nice. Very flat in the turns. Responsive steering. The shine on the paint is the best I've ever seen. Didn't want to get out of the car. Can't wait to drive it more tomorrow. Love the IUP and layout of guages.
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Stoenr said:
Ragnar, you are aware there is another outlet inside the center console right?
No. Still exploring. I'm sure I'll notice a lot more in the daylight tomorrow.
Stoenr said:
Ragnar, you are aware there is another outlet inside the center console right?
BTW...Where's your shop in case I need a place to ride tomorrow?
Same here. My paint looks perfect.

Has anyone heard a rattle in their suspension. It's a bit noisier than I expected. It's almost like a strut is a little loose. I'll admit I also hear it on my Chevy Malibu, but I attributed it to being a cheap Chevy.
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