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The Baddest Fox Body in Oklahoma!!!!!!!

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This car, is hands down the baddest stang on the streets of okc. This car has over 1000hp on tap through a clutchless 5 speed transmission... Brian is running 8.20's using only a single stage of nitrous. He's very confident that he'll be running in the 7.x's by early this spring. Cheers to Brian!!!!!

What do you guys think???
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Pretty sick. You really can't go much faster.
That is one powerful horse.
when I go to my buddies shop , CD RACE CARS on friday i will get picks of they're low 7 sec. stang. 1800hp. 670ci motor with 800hp of nitrous.
yea probably 100k or more in it and blows the head gaskets off every run. i know someone thats in md that was doing 7.45s 331 twin turbo ever run they would have to redo the heads it had so much boost it would just lift the heads off the block. If you got the money to do it more power too you ya know nice ride
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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