A trademark request suggests that Ford might be starting its off-road racing team, the Rough Riders, back up again.

From 1991 to 1995, Ford’s Rough Riders were the dominant force in desert and short-course off-road racing. In just five seasons, Rough Riders won 20 driver’s and manufacturer’s championships in various series.

Now, the name looks to be coming back, according to trademarks filed with the US patent and trademark office. The trademarks for “Ford Rough Riders” and “Bronco Rough Riders” for “entertainment services in the nature of automobile racing” were filed on September 29.

It seems likely that the Ford Bronco R, a concept released before the Bronco and which ran portions of the 2019 Baja 1000, will be the basis for the Rough Riders team.

The team may look to earn the Bronco off-roading bona-fides to help it compete with the Wrangler in the marketplace. Although the Bronco appears to be quite capable, the Jeep has years of marketing positioning it as the American off-roader. A few race wins could help Ford convince buyers that the Bronco is serious.