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The Cruise Brothers

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Finally got to put them both together. It's obvious I am a Shelby nut. Lived through it and actually had a 1965 GT 350, white with blue stripes. The 427 is a car which was toasted in a fire in Michigan (front end burned off it) and had it rebuilt with a restored frame (Shelby jigs) and fiberglass body. It has a punched up 351 to about 406 HP. Can't afford to pry an aluminum body out of the Shelby works. The new one (GT) was a 6 month wait and if it wasn't for Carlos at Yeomans I wouldn't have it. The Shelby theme is the best look I could come up with for the 05. Love them both. The Cobra is faster but not by alot. The Mustang corners better than the roadster. Straight line no contest. Cobra slips into third at 100+. Mustang goes into 4th at 100+. Any more toys and my kids will put me into a home somewhere. "Live like you're dying and die like you're living." Words from a friends wake, which prompted me to buy the 05 GT. :) :) :thumbsup :thumbsup


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Nice cars! Too many on here have too much fun! :worship
You DO know how to have a good time!
Very nice rides... It'd be hard making a decision on which set of keys to grab in the mornings...
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