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The firs '07 GT 500 sold for 600,000!!!!

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In auction the highest bidder got the first production GT 500, a signed tool box with matching vin# and a tour of svt. Thats a butt load of money. what do you think?
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I watched it when it happened and I have to say that may be the most exciting aution I've ever seen:happyhapp
Couldn't believe it when I heard it! And to think I can pick one up for 40k-45K soon!!!
If you think you'll be able to get one for 40-45K after that, you're more hopeful than I am. That auction sets high water lines for many makes and conditions of cars. I'm expecting them to go for no less than 75 after watching that tonight.
Well, I don't plan on getting anything close to that while my wife is still alive, but that insurance money would be nice!!! J/K, bad joke, sorry :laughlitt ! Yeah, 600k for the first is a set back for us poor folk, but 75k seems alittle high. I guess it really depends on how many they plan to make. You know how it goes, suppy and demand, but for 475hp, what more can you ask for, especially with a beautiful car such as the stang!!!
the msrp for the 06 C6 z06 was supposed to be 75grnad.. mustang should be little less but who knows
I missed it , but I did see the Chevelle convertible that sold for about 1.5 mill !
hopefully.. around 08-09 we can pick up one of those gt500's for like 33k, used.. :D

i would be extremly happy. even those sport trac adrenalin's comin out by svt dont look bad.
As to the prices paid at auction: It proves that there are more and more very stupid people every day with more money than brains! :sterb:
you hit the nail on the head....
Did I misunderstand?

Maybe this is an investment thing - they are spending a fortune on the gamble that the first one off the line is going to be worth an even bigger fortune someday. Or maybe someone just wants bragging rights of deciding what color, etc. the first one will be. I bet I could build my '02 to my specifications for about 1/30 of that price. As for me, if I had that kind of money to spend on a car, I think I would wait and buy a different GT500 and use the other $500k+ to buy myself a nice little collection of cars - a few Mustangs of various years, for example. Oh, well, at least the money is going for a good cause.
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