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Since 1991 when it first started modifying cars, Hennessey has modified 10,000 build. And that's a number large enough that the company felt it was worth celebrating.

Few things make people want to celebrate more than a red mustang with white stripes, so that's what Hennessey is making.

Starting at $89,950, Hennessey will make 19 Heritage Edition Mustangs. Sat low on KW Variant 1 springs, rocking 6 piston Brembos (up front, 4-pistons round the rear), and wearing 20-inch wheels of Hennessey's own design, the car looks pretty dadgum special.

Naturally, though, Hennessey hasn't left the engine alone. Thanks to a 3-liter supercharger, you get 808 hp and 677 lb-ft, which should be ample.

That's enough power to get you to 60 in just 3.3 seconds and through the quarter in just 10.7 seconds. Eventually, it should be good for 200 mph.

The livery is the only one you can order this car in and is inspired by the 2018 GT Heritage Edition Mustang. Hennessey has made it its own, though, and added some carbon bits for better aero and to cut weight.

So go out and buy one and then give us call so that we can drive it and tell the people just how fantastic this piece of history is. 


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