Kind of a double-edged sword, this one. Ford is moving to extend the lifecycle of the next Mustang.

According to Automotive News, the next-generation Ford Mustang will live for 8 years. It’s expected to go into production in 2022 as a MY 2023. Ford, initially, had planned for the next-gen Mustang’s life cycle to span only 6 years, but the latest report suggests that Ford is happy with the length of the current generation’s life cycle.

Mustang life cycles have been anything but steady in the car’s 55 years of existence. The first generation lasted eight and a half years, while subsequent generations tended to last more like four years. The fifth-generation, though, lasted nine years.

Reports suggest that the next generation of Mustang will share a platform with the new Explorer and Aviator. As the last car in Ford’s North American catalog, it makes sense that the Mustang will have to share parts with SUVs and crossovers, we just hope the chassis is more heavy-duty than heavy.