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The new guy :)

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Hello everyone. Im the new guy (Dave). Just wanted to introduce myself. This past November I bought an Satin Silver 05 V-6 premium and labsolutley loved it. Basically, I bought the 6er for the mileage and it just seemed more practical at the time. Besides all of that it was my first mustang and I just fell in love with the new retro look of the cars. Than came the performance bug :doh: ...

Traded it in last night for an 05 Redfire GT Premium, Auto, IUP, Wheel locks, Light Graphite leather, Active alarm, Side AB's and Shaker 500. :yup:
I got beat up a bit on the trade value of the 6 but figured it was worth doing it now rather than 4 1/2 more years of payments on something I wasnt completly happy with. Had a great time with the V-6 and enjoyed it right up until I passed the keys across the table to the salesman last night. So please dont misunderstand I'm not dropping any bombs on the V-6 crowd.

I will post pics soon and look forward to having a good with you in the forum.
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Hi, Davecongrats on the GT, an welcome to AFM
Hey Dave, welcome to AFM and congrats on your new pony.
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