Shelby American is taking a crack at modifying the GT500 with the Signature Edition. Making more than 800 hp, the tuned version really goes the extra mile to deliver the goods.

It all starts with a new pulley and coolers for the 5.2-liter predator V8 that helps it all churn out more than 800 hp on 93 octane gas. It’s then lowered with more track-focused springs to match a new aggressive suspension tune.


Shelby then gets rid of the Ford hood and replaces it with a carbon version that saves 30 pounds. All of this is matched to new wheels, tires, interior, badges and stripes to make for a truly extra experience.

Best of all, Shelby American says it ain’t done yet. It will keep working on the GT500 and when better tunes become available, owners of the GT500SE will have access to it.


Sadly, you won’t have many friends with a GT500SE, since Shelby is limiting itself to making just 100 of these per year.

The lucky few who get one of these will be contributing to the Carroll Shelby Foundation, which helps children fight life-threatening illnesses.