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While police forces across the US are saddened by the loss of the Crown Victoria, even if the newer options are faster, more efficient, and light-years more modern, there is one force that is still enjoying a classic. What might be the coolest actual police car in all of the US. The force is the Nebraska State Patrol, and the car is the Ford Mustang SSP.

That's right. They're still using an SSP. The Mustang Special Service Package was built for 11 model years. A high-speed pursuit Foxbody that had a 5.0L V8, 225 hp, 275 lb-ft of torque, and cop parts like oil and transmission coolers, stronger unibody parts, and bigger alternators. Enough go to chase down just about anything at the time.

NSP shared the photo to its Facebook page earlier this week. Showing it on the job with a Hyundai Sonata pulled over, along with a much newer Dodge Charger cruiser.

The post said that yes, they still use the car, though not every day. And it's mostly used for parades, shows, and school visits. But it's still in service, 26 years after it left the Ford factory.

Though Ford made around 15,000 of the cars, the hard police use and popularity at auction means that there aren't all that many of these around. But this one abides. Punching the clock and waiting until retirement.


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