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Thermostat in pieces!?!?

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Searched the forums and didn't get any threads dealing with this, so here goes...

I've only had my 95 GT for half a year now, and by goodness did it need a new thermostat. Hardly ever crept up past the "C" on the temperature gauge, and the heater never really got very hot, either.

Well, last weekend I decided to change the thermostat, and right after I disconnected the hoses, removed the two bolts holding the elbow bend piece to the front of the engine, and removed the bend, I noticed that my thermostat was in several pieces!

The pointed top part was still stuck in the elbow bend, but the spring and "middle" part were just rattling around inside of the main coolant path right after where the thermostat is supposed to go. I very carefully removed them and tried to piece the parts together, but noticed that there was a part missing... with my fingers I managed to remove the last little bit that was stuck in some kind of side connecting coolant path right inside the engine.

Apparently no one had ever changed the thermostat on this car before, because it was an original Ford part.

Well, has anyone ever encountered a thermostat that was completely in pieces before, and furthermore, could any damage have occurred in the engine from loose or corroded pieces breaking off of the thermostat?
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The only component that could have been damaged is the water pump.

And i have never seen a Tstat fall appart :)
Neither have I. Must be some overseas made junk.
I saw a few back in the 70s when I was selling auto parts. Mostly they were OEM stuff. Never saw a name brand, such as Stant, come apart.

I doubt a small part loose in the cooling system will damage anything. Put a new one in, preferably Mr. Gasket, and your good to go. :smoke:
yea i have seen a thermostat fall apart, mostly on 3.0 taurus and rangers where they tend to get the coolant very dirty due to pieces in the block casting coming off in the coolant passages. this gives the coolant a rusty look and when you dont do the coolant flushes in the regular scheduled maintainence, then over time, everything gets gunked up. put a new thermostat and flush out as much of the old coolant as possible. oh yea and broken thermostats can break the water pump impeller, but if you dont hear any noise from the water pump then you are ok.
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