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Thinking About Buying a 2013 Mustang

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Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm in the market to get my first Mustang and I've debated on getting one brand new but love the look of the 13-14 model so much more inside and out.

Just so happens one is for sale in my area, a Sterling Grey 2013 Club of America Edition, automatic with Roush Exhaust. Its in great shape on the outside other than it's been sitting and probably going to need new brakes and rotors, some minor stains and wear on the inside and has 63000 kms.

He's asking $18,500 for it and says he's selling it because he needed the truck he's driving for work and with a house payment he didn't want two vehicles.

I have yet to test drive it and my mechanic cannot look it over because he's booked up for over a week.

My questions are:

1. Do you guys think his asking price fair? (remember I'm in Canada)

2. Since my mechanic cant look at it should I even bother making an offer? (My worst fear is he's young and might have burnt the piss out of it. Also it might sell before my mechanic can look at it).

I'm not rich by any means, $18500 is still a lot of money to me.
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What makes you think he might have beat it? Just his age?
His age, the fact that he's selling it only after 2 years & with it's current milage the 3 year, 60000 km warranty is now gone.

Like I said without being able to get a mechanic to look it over, I'm just wondering if I should gamble and make an offer or just wait and get a new 2015-16 even though I like the 13-14 models looks better.
Update: I went over and started it up, looked it over with a buddy who's a bit more mechanically inclined than I am and took it for a decent length test drive. The engine runs smooth, handles a bumpy road better than my current car, no rattles or squeaks. The brakes and rotors although looked a bit rusty from sitting cleaned up nicely on the run, no vibrations. The guy seemed trust worthy, he was upfront on what he's had done even mentioned about a dent repair that I wouldn't have known if he hadn't said. I asked him what his best price was, he said $17,500 and I said you got a deal. I'm picking her up Monday.
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