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Thinking of this rim choice......

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Now more likely then not, I will be investing my next lump sum of money to performance mods but I was thinking of these as my next choice of rims......I think they look like the "Eleanor Rims" off the Cervini stang but with a twist keeping them a bit more unique. The only major problem is they dont come in 10" for the rear!!! Agh. But I am thinking oh well since when I go to the track I will change out the rims because other then style, they definitely do not help with the weight issue.
Let me know what you guys think.


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Platinum Wheels. They are actually pretty inexpensive too. Like $1600 with tires, even with upgraded tires (Best bet) its still only around $17-1750. Look on
Bad link up you go
Platinum Wheels
Actually the rims only come as wide as 8.5 so I was going to do 20 x 8.5
I am not sure yet. I am still honestly debating between some expensive tires or just average road warriors. In my mind I am thinking since the rims are just for show and mostly cruising around and will come off in winter anyway, to get the average. But I also know no matter what I will probably be squeeling a lot this summer on the highway ramps.

Anyway, I am having someone photoshop me the car with rims, kit, hood, etc so we can see what the final product will look like. I will post it soon.
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