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Check out what popped up on eBay , it's a 1995 Ford Mustang SVT pre-production prototype that somehow escaped the crusher.

The seller is asking just $21,995 for a vehicle defined by “should not exist,” you see this car was a forerunner to the new for '96 32-valve 4.6L V8 SVT Cobra.

This '95 is believed to be a 1 of 1 test bed for Ford, first starting life as the 3,629th '95 Mustang Cobra, before it was yanked off the line and given a 4.6L DOHC V8 transplant--making it the first Mustang to receive Ford's follow up to the 5.0.

But more than just the motor, it's said be the only '95 Mustang equipped with a Tremec T-45 5-speed manual and the car would eventually go on to help Torsen develop the popular T-2R differential.

Because it was a serial production '95 Cobra you get all the amenities you would have originally from the factory; gorgeous saddle leather, white backed gauges, power windows and locks, cruise control, airbags, power seats and obviously a radio.

Legend has it the car escaped the crusher through a back door deal put together by some Roush engineer who had to negotiate for the body, engine and chassis separately. After that it made its way west to Colorado where it lived on as an SCCA club racer under the feet of John Ames.

Naturally modifications were made over time to suit its habits, Eibach lowering springs, Tokico D-spec struts, Ford Performance 1-1/2" front sway bar with dual clamp locks, and rear sway bar with triangulated Panhard bar bracing help it stay flat through the pretzels--plus four-wheel disc brakes and BF Goodrich g-Force tires wrapping absolutely correct Cobra R wheels.

Best part is, because it was a test car, it doesn't have any cats, the free flowing H-pipe exhaust must be a sound for sore ears.



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