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billyb196 said:
I'm not sure why you would want to clay a vehicle this new, unless you park it outside, live next to the ocean, freeway or a petroleum plant. Qui potest capere capiat!
a lot of cars are transported by rail..
the metallic dust left on the cars surface from the trains brakes can really be a biatch down the road
why would you not clay a car w/o ensuring the surface is as clean as it could be before protecting it with a wax??

i like the quick detailer for claying cuz i didn't have to pay for it.. :)
i've had a Meguiar's sponsorship for the past two years until i sold my civic.....once the supply is all gone i'll be going back to dawn and water (25/75) as my lube

every spring i'll do the dawn wash, clay the car and dawn wash again..after that i won't touch straight dawn until the following spring
wax (or Zaino) the beast and use some sort of "car soap" the rest of the year, something designed to NOT cut into the wax
if using Zaino (Z2 or Z5), don't forget the ZFX :D
and the Z6 is the bomb too!!!
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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