After teasing it last month, it's finally here. The Ford Mustang Supercar for the Australia Supercars touring car series.

Sure it's covered in camo, but you can see everything you need to see. It looks like a Mustang. But with the Mother of All Wings mounted to the back.

Somewhat like NASCAR's top series, Australia Supercars use cars that look like production cars but are definitely not underneath. All supercars use the same spec chassis with bodywork added for Holden, Volvo, Mercedes, and now Ford's Mustang. Though they do look a lot more production-based than the equivalent NASCAR racer.

The cars use a 5.0L V8, which works out well for Ford. Since the Mustang happens to offer one. The new Mustang replaces the Ford Falcon, the four-door sedan that was one of two cars to dominate the series for decades.

The team made its first test today. Or is that yesterday? Or tomorrow? We're not quite sure, but definitely sometime today plus or minus a day. Unless you're reading this next week...

Anyway, the test happened at the Queensland Raceway, using the DJR Team Penske car. Team Manager Ryan Story said "it’s an encouraging start. The car looks fantastic, and both drivers reported that the car has plenty of promise. We couldn’t be more pleased with how things progressed today."

Testing is expected to continue in Victoria later this week. Two more homologation tests are needed to approve the car for the series.