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In partnership with the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum, Ford will debut a surreal display that fuses 50 years of Mustang history--literally. 

The Mustang was chosen as the ultimate symbol of automotive innovation, and to illustrate the point they combine a 1965 and a 2015 Mustang, split length wise.

The split Mustangs each feature fully functional interiors, and will live on as a permanent display in the Intellectual Property Power Exhibit at the National Inventors Hall of Fame museum on the United States Patent and Trademark Office Campus in Alexandria, Virginia.

The NIHF chose Ford and the Mustang because Ford has long been at the forefront of American innovation; and the car has played an iconic role for the industry.

“Everything moved so fast in the design and run-up to production of the original Mustang that there were no styling patents issued back then,” says Chris Danowski, Ford director of technology commercialization and intellectual property licensing. “Now look at the current car; 2015 Mustang Convertible alone was granted 36 styling patents, which ensure the unique look stays with the car. It also has many unique functional patents for things like the airbag structures, 911 Assist and so many other technologies baked right in.”


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