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Three 2005 GT's on their Lot!!!!

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My son saw three new 2005 GT's on the lot at which is in Madison WI. One is red, one is silver and one is blue/gray(?). So if you are still looking go look em up on the above web site. Lovin my 2005 Sonic Blue GT.:clapSorry it seems a same name dealer comes up in Calif. will see if I can get the one in WI for ya and post under this one.
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All gone according to the WEB site.:sosad:
Richmond Ford in Richmond, VA has 4 GTs. They also have 2 Roush Mustangs for 38,990
2 GT's in AIken SC. The black hardtop has been there two months, after 6 weeks they added silver stripes and there it still sits. [email protected]!
The other is a silver vert with black top. Guess these cars aren't selling like FORD thought they would! lower the price $4k Ford, maybe they'll move faster lol
In Virginia there are still a few around. Here is where I bought my v6 vert a few months ago. They are asking a hefty premium on the GT verts. Perhaps that is why they still have them!

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