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Tillman track tune and SRT10 truck

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So I was headed out on a less busy highway to throw my tillman track tune on and give it a I headed out of town i see a black dodge truck follow me. I gunned it out as usual and I could see him pickin up speed rapidly also, as I figured he would. I turned off an approach so i could load my track tune and he drove past but soon put his brakes on and turned around. He pulled up and made some small talk and asked nicely(not like a meathead) if i wanted to race. I thought oh shyte I'm gonna get killed. But said ya sure, why not. He said he hadn't raced his truck yet and wanted to see what she could do. So I finished loadin up the tune and we pulled out. He honked three times and I admit he did hesitate a little(and I mean a little) off the bat. I think i waited a bit too long in first gear to shift but when i hit 2nd i was pulling away fairly rapidly. By the time we met a car I had him by almost 3 lengths....My guess was it was real close to a 1/4 mile by then. After we stopped and talked...I realized my traction control was still on after I restarted my car after the tune. Oh well...still beat him. Atleast he was nice and not some moron who wouldve been spittin out excuses saying lets go again.

One question...about when is the best time to shift?? I gotta get a shift light. Kinda hard to watch the road and the tachometer at the same time.

I think I shifted about around 5500-5700rpm outta each gear.

All in all if it was a real fair race and I had turned off my traction control I would get him by 3 again.

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I had a friend of mine, trade in his SVT Lightning for one of those SRT 10 Dodge pick-ups. Within a week of owning the truck, he was kicking himself in the butt. He said they have the power, but just don't hook, worth a sh*t but after rolling they'll go. Also told me, they get about 6 miles per gallon. He ended up selling it, and buying another SVT Lightning, Mike. SCT Tuner.:bigthumbsup
well this guy had no problem hooking. He had some pretty grippy looking perellis on it. I thought he'd end up catching up after a bit but he didn't. 505 horse?? too bad its so big and heavy. I'd be pretty choked if I had a 10 cylinder(worth well over $50,000 canadian...used) that couldn't beat a 4.6 liter with a few bolt ons. To bad for him.
Nice! Glad to know we could help embarass another Chrysler! :gringreen:bigthumbsup LOL
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