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timeing help

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how do you know what your timeing is set at on a 91 GT?there is no numbers at all that i can see.
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There are numbers on the balancer . you need a timing light .
i was useing a timing light,but i didnt see any numbers anywhere,where are they at?
OK, starting at the basics:
On the front of your engine, there are 2 main pulleys, the tops involved with the water pump, (what the fans attached to)and the lowers attached to the balencer (harmonic balencer, dampner, etc.) everything else's irrelevant in this case.
On the lower (balencer), there are timing marks, running from -degrees to TDC (top dead center) to +degrees. These match up with a timing tab thats attached to the front of the engine above and to the left of the balencer)
The stock setting is 10 degrees BTDC (before top-dead center).
Easiest thing to do, is get under the car, bump it over (or manually crank it) if need be, until you have the marks visable, then mark on the balencer the stock timing with one color of paint, and what your shooting for with another. Your goal will be to make the line marked line up against the center/inboard/top edge.
Make sure that the small plug near the dizzy is unhooked (its a connector with "push" tabs on the side, and a small removeable plastic widget) Otherwise this will throw things all out-of-whack.
Turn the car on and check the timing. This is the base timing, but thats all youre looking for at this point.
We can go from there.
Hope I haven't muddied things too much,
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