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Tips wanted on how to rebuild a 2.3L Mustang engine!

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I am going to be doing a rebuild on my 2.3! Is there anyone that has done this that can offer me some advise on avoiding certain headaches? Also, whats the best, yet cheapest parts to get? I already have an engone stand, I am looking for an engine hoist. ANY help is appreciated!
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Im bringing this back from the dead because I never got around to it. I focussed on my Cobra II instead. Now that I have the Cobra at a comfortable state, Im going to focuse on the Coupe rebuild.

Ive looked at some rebuild kits ranging from $330 on up. I just wanted to see if anyone else has used a kit that they were happy with? I am a 1st timer when it comes to rebuilding a motor. But I love working on my cars and want to learn. So help me learn folks! haha

I did a rebuild on mine started out a stock 2.3 out of a 1994 ranger. i bored it .30 over and used keith black pistons from (speedway company) and used ARP fasteners through out the engine, i took .50 off the head and ported and polished the head and intake, balanced my crank for 10,000 rpm so most of it was machine shop related.
I think he meant .050
I bought sealed power hypernetics from summit for 16.50 apiece far cheaper than speedways Keith Blacks by far. the most expensive part is the machine work...120 for boring...90 for balancing...40 to take .060 of the head. Thru summit and northern I have around 210 bucks invested for pistons, annular rods and mains and chrome rings
I sure need to rebuild mine too. Almost 200,000 miles on it and you can tell.
Hi I have a tip for you you should get head studs! and not just reuse or replace head bolts when you rebuild the top that way if you realize you've done something wrong you don't have to get new ones
The Ford TTY bolts are plenty strong for an NA motor . But studs are better. They are really overkill on an na motor but if you have hee extra cash its definately a PLUS. Remember all 2.3 bolts are one time only bolts. Even the older ones are even though ford says they can be reused. Good luck Peace.
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