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hey everyone, I got given these chrome rims as a present for my birthday and they look really great on my car the only problem is the offset is apparently to high for a 98 mustang,
its a +42mm offset and apparently if i drive with them the fronts will rub the wheel well.

i havent driven with them yet for this reason and wanted to know how a can adapt to this problem; are spacers the answer? and are there any other possibilities?

the rims are 18x8, 114.3x5, +42mm offset with 225/40/18 tires in the front and 245/45/18 in the back.

they are made by msr and the model number is 044

any help on this would so very very appriciated, and if anyone wanted to swap these for some other rims let me know, i wanna keep my options open
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