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Tire pressure sensor fault

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Well, I have had my Mustang V6 for 1 week and decided to head out of town for a weekend away. 20 mins out of town and only 50km from new on the clock I got a "Tire pressure sensor fault". Kind of disappointed, but was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? Or and I just unlucky?
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maybe its not a fault and its trying to tell you that your tire pressures are low. It could easily take 20 minutes for that to happen. Probably your dealer never set them correctly since the car is so new
If I had a TPS throw a code, rather than get on the computer, I'd get out a tire pressure gauge and check the tire. But I'm just crazy that way....

Here in Colorado I run 35 psi in my tires to make up for the large temp differentials. At 32 psi mine will show low pressure when it is below freezing.
Batteries are supposed to last 10 yrs. or x amount of miles in the sensors.

I've only see the TPS symbol indicating low pressure on any of the 4 or so TPS cars I've had.

If you see a fault may want to dealer to check out, they can cost about $40 a sensor plus rebalancing and mounting so better to get it done under warranty.
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