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tire sizes on pony wheels

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hello fellas,
i shall be in the market VERY SOON for new rubber for my 88 lx w/ silver ponies. currently, the wheels are sporting some firestones at 205/55/r16.

i was just wondering if anyone has experimented with tires on the pony wheels (4 lug, 7inch depth) and what they have discovered.

my main question is how wide of a tread can i put on these rims. i was planning on sticking with 50 profile, but was looking to go as wide as 255, but im not sure if i can.

leave one if ya got one!
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225/55/16 are the stock sizes. I woulnt go much higher than 235's. If it was me, i would stick with the 225's, because those wheels are really skinny. I dont think that you could run 255 safely, they may not even mount on the tire. Good Luck
I have 245's all around. I have not had any problems. Also, BF Goodrich Drag Radial 255's say they can be put on a 7" wheel. I am currently looking for other 255s that will fit 7" wheels.
I have 235's in the front and 245's in the rear..they don't rub or anything...and they look good.
wow fellas thanks alot!
235's in the front and 245's in the back sounds good.
i think ill go for that
245 all around and Im thinking of switching to 255s in the buddy had it on his and it fit but mabey the 235s will not pull you around so much on those damn ruts in the road
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