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To anyone with a Predator and dynoed car

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I am curious if anyone has a 99-04 mustang gt 5 speed that has been dynoed and all the settings that can be changed with a predator have been set to a corrected settings. If you have this info id like know if you can go through your predator and tell me what the settings say/read. I am looking to see if i can get some HP without having to go and dyno it because i cant afford it right now. I know not all cars dyno the same even with exactly the same mods... but just a general consensous

My mods are.... and i am looking for people with pretty close mods

BBK Offroad Xpipe
Flowmaster 40 Series Catback
A-Spec Cold Air Intake
Steeda Triax Shifter ( This really doesnt matter )
Diablo Sport Predator

Let me know
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I live in California and am stuck with 91 octane. Took my car to the dyno and they installed the predator tune with mods only in the wot fuel. I have a KnN fipk, CnL plenum, accufab 75mm tb and bassani cat back. My numbers are 244hp, 285tq on a dynojet at 90F and low humidity. The only changes they made to the predator tune (for an a/f of approx 12.5) was the wot 2k-4k at -30 and at 4k to red at -6.5. I have since taken out some timing, -20 at 2k-4k and -20 at 4k to redline. This was due to some pinging and I prefer to be conservative when it comes to detonation. It was interesting to note that the only pinging I noticed was before the 3rd to 4th shift when I got above 4k rpm. Hope this helps.:)
Max out the WOT timing. Back it off if it pings. Don't mess with the fuel ratio without getting it measured on a dyno first.

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