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to keep or not to keep

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about to head off to college just need to see what you guys think.(need a reliable car)
my car is the v6 as the signature states
as of right now it has 3 brake calipers replaced
both outer tie rod ends( did get alighnment)
new clutch
new power steering pump (which still is whinning)
now right (pass) exhaust manifold

the problems are
5th gear grinds in almost every time
front end shakes and right wheel has a grinding noise (thinking a wheel bearing)
exhaust is leaking(thinking mid pipe) and muffler has hole
tires balding
head lights are sun faiding
diapointed with the performance as well
car has 115,000 miles
had the car for 6 or 7 months and all these things are comming up
i owe more then it is worth...about 2.00 more then its worth

please help
what do you guys think i should do?
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i love my v6 and haven't had too many problems but you seem to have quiet a few maybe the first owner didn't take care of it but you should have that many problem with the miles. But i'm sure once you fic it no more worries
a couple of these things seem like regular maintenance gone wrong.. the balding tires, the front end shake (possibly related to the balding tires, as they wear they can unbalance themselves), the grinding 5th im not an expert on transmissions, the headlights you can buff and remove some of the oxidized part of the lens ive seen some pretty good looking restored lenses..

which 3 calipers have you replaced? why not the 4th?

p.s. steering pumps pretty much always whine
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Here's what I would do...
Decide if I love the car or not,if so, am I willing to spend any more money on it, if I do and it's all fixed will I drive it enough to get my moneys worth? If I sold the car (or junked it) would I look back and say "yeah, I miss that car"
I'm in the same boat, I owe WAY more than the car is worth and things just keep getting worse, first chance I get to sell it, its gone. And my car is well maintained, it's just so old parts are giving out, for the price to buy all the parts I currently need plus labor and time, I could get a newer car. Good Luck on your decision.:bigthumbsup
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All of those things you mentioned are a pretty cheap fix. They might be adding up bc the car was not taken care of, but it is far cheaper than buying a new car.......
Far easier to talk someone into buying a car than keeping a car they don't want anymore.........
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