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Toggle switch panel ignition setup

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Hey guys ive got a question for ya. My ignition switch i beleive recently stopped working in my car. turn signals stopped working and ignition switch under steering column fell out and was a little crispy. Im wondering how hard it would be to do a toggle switch set up. I figured one switch for fuel pump, one for ignition system, and one for Starter. Have any of you tried to fire this up? How hard is it to do. Heres a wiring diagram for the connector that goes to the ignition switch under the dash.
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fuel pump- on the relay under your seat find the ignition hot wire. once found run that to you toggle that's your line(power). now run the second wire from your toggle (which is your load) back to the relay where the power used to be
do you want to use your key for the accessories, and then a push button to start, or do away with the key all together
Why not just fix it right and replace the ignition switch :?:
Seems like more work to wire up all those switches separately then you have to find a place to mount them, not to mention how easy it would be to steel your car afterwards with no ignition lock. :nono:
well i changed the ignition switch and still have the same result. all works but wont crank starter so i have a hot wire coming from my battery that goes to a toggle switch to arm my push start witch then goes to the starter solenoid activator. ill just hide the toggle switch that activates the push start.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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