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Too Cute

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Hi Guys and Gals,
I just wanted to share this neat little experience with you. Now, for the record, I am not an engineer or an expert in this area, but here goes. Today I took My Girl out for ride, taking the wife and 4-yr old daughter with me. I was crossing a bridge and had to step on the gas (you know, getting 10 mpg) to get clear of the traffic, and my daughter says "Whoooah....we are going Superspeed!" Now, I do not knw how fast "Superspeed" is, but aint it cool my 4-yr old daughter likes to go "superspeed" in my Stang. What a lucky man I am, I have My Girl...the Stang, a great wife and a daughter who likes to go Superspeed! :kooky:
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My 21 y/o daughter is mad because I got a 5 speed and she cant drive a stick! :evillol:

And I am not rushing to teach her either! :tongue

2005 GT Mustang
Windveil Blue
Light Graphite Leather
5 Speed
Shaker 1000
Painted Side Mirrors
Dark Tinted Windows
Upgraded Aluminun Wheels
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