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Kids do love Ponies!

I'm still amazed how many minivan loads of kids smush their noses up against the glass and WAVE like crazy when I pass them. Haha, I was daydreaming one day, not really paying attention to my audience, and the kids in the SUV beside me jumped up between the front seat and convinced Mom to blow the horn to get me to wave back. Scared the crap outta me, but I waved back!! :laughlitt

Hubby pulled up beside a boring pickup truck last weekend with about a 6 year old boy in its passenger seat. Poor kid looked bored to death or mad about something - big frowney.:handball: When he discovered the Stang next to him, his face lit up, he rolled the window down and just beamed a big ole smile at us and started talking to us. We asked his daddy if he wanted to race, LOL, and we tapped it a little as the light turned green. I smell a future Stang owner...

Then a young couple with a toddler came over to look at my Jeep for sale. The entire time they were there, the kid *did not stop* looking at the Stang. I'll bet she has Screaming Yellow burned into her retinas by now. Her mommy said "we'll take THAT one instead", pointing to my Stang, haha. Sorry, that one's not for sale...

Every time we go to Walmart, we see the little ones being dragged by the hand, walking sideways and then backwards to get that last glimpse of "ooooh Mommy, preeetty.."

Just doing my part to insure future sales :wavey
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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