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Too Cute

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Hi Guys and Gals,
I just wanted to share this neat little experience with you. Now, for the record, I am not an engineer or an expert in this area, but here goes. Today I took My Girl out for ride, taking the wife and 4-yr old daughter with me. I was crossing a bridge and had to step on the gas (you know, getting 10 mpg) to get clear of the traffic, and my daughter says "Whoooah....we are going Superspeed!" Now, I do not knw how fast "Superspeed" is, but aint it cool my 4-yr old daughter likes to go "superspeed" in my Stang. What a lucky man I am, I have My Girl...the Stang, a great wife and a daughter who likes to go Superspeed! :kooky:
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My 10-year old daughter thinks mom has a cool car, and we pick out all the uncool cars along the way. She sits next to me and directs me to pass, even when it would NOT be in my best interest. Maybe she thinks I have superpowers and can make it fly over cars in the lane next to me. She's also already been informed she will NEVER drive it, no matter how old she is.
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