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Torsen differential gear lube weight

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I have a 2018 GT with a Torsen differential, Ford recommends a weight of 75w-90 and I read on the Torsen web site that they recommend 75w-140 for their differential. In addition Ford adds a slip lock additave to their differential gear lube but the Amsoil Severe Gear that I will be using has some of this addative in it already. The Torsen site gave some reasons whey they recommend 75w-140 so I'm going to go that way. Has anyone used the 75w-140 in their Torsen and if so did you have any problems. Do you recommend the slip lock additative or should I trust that Amsoil lube alone?
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I think the additive is for limited slip clutch pack type differentials? I had a Torsen in a previous car (not a Mustang) and I used 75w-140 in that without issue.

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Thanks Jeff, since the Torsen is all gear driven without clutch packs that makes sense. I'm going with the 75w-140 when I change it.
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