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I was the unfortunate victim of a hit-and-run in San Francisco last week. The guy ran me off the road and into a building!:madas: I was only in 2nd gear so I wasn't going that fast, but the angle I hit at tore up the front end and spun me around and slammed me into the building with the rear. I wasn't injured, but the car was a total loss. It sucks extra bad because of the mods I had done to the car. Springs, exhaust, tint, C&L intake, tune, and the only CDC ducktail I've seen so far. When I got back home (in North Carolina), I went straight to the dealership and low and behold, sitting there in the lot was a near clone of my car. Only difference was it had a stock spoiler. I guess I can deal with that. She looks pretty nice in my garage.:rolleyes:


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Nasty pics Man......Sorry to hear.....But I'm glad didn't get hurt and you got it replaced.
Any news on the criminal???
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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