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I was the unfortunate victim of a hit-and-run in San Francisco last week. The guy ran me off the road and into a building!:madas: I was only in 2nd gear so I wasn't going that fast, but the angle I hit at tore up the front end and spun me around and slammed me into the building with the rear. I wasn't injured, but the car was a total loss. It sucks extra bad because of the mods I had done to the car. Springs, exhaust, tint, C&L intake, tune, and the only CDC ducktail I've seen so far. When I got back home (in North Carolina), I went straight to the dealership and low and behold, sitting there in the lot was a near clone of my car. Only difference was it had a stock spoiler. I guess I can deal with that. She looks pretty nice in my garage.:rolleyes:


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I may get flamed for this, but a car is a car. No vehicle is more important than someone's health. I'm glad to hear you're allright, and that you were able to get another. As the old saying goes "stuff" happens.

Good luck with the new ride, and I'm glad to see everything is turning out ok.:rolleyes:
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