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Toyko drift not so much

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So it was rainy for a couple days down here in new hampshire. Decided to drift a bit around a few corners. One turn i muscled it out a bit too much and spun drivers side into a curb. Now i need a new rim, and twisted my axle. Funny how a 1 second mistake can lead to 500 dollars in damage. Well nows a good time to put my 3.73's in. :embarrassed
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not good,get her fixed up :bigthumbsup
All i have to say.....:no::no::no::no:
All i have to say.....:no::no::no::no:

Tsk tsk tsk tsk...
damn that sucks. i do that but happens to me unitentionally, well kinda lol. with a few years of dirt track racing i learned and developed the skill to correct it when the car's end whips out. good adrenaline rush though.
two things puzzle me>>>down here and new hampshire, don't go together
and.... if it's rainin', I didn't think it was called driftin'

however, darn ya bad luck
sorry my geographical location wasnt correct. Up* :bigthumbsup. But yah i ordered the moser axles today and my rim. Also got my new fog lights and pillar gauges today. should be a good week for me.
new parts always lead to a good week!
Thats a bummer man... at least you can have some nice alone time with your car while you're workin on her :D. I think we've all had some close calls in the rain... both intentional and unintentional lol.
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