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Traction problems at the track

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Okay my car will never ever hook up... I have 17" MT ET Street Radials and I run them at every PSI at the track and I can spin them all the way threw first and all the way threw second. I start to grip sometime in 3rd.. What can I do to help grip!??!?! I'm already planning on getting the D Spec suspension to help the weight transfer and still street race. I ran a 13.6 @ 109mph with a 2.3 60' time... I launch at all RPMS. I have a manual and the best thing for me to do is baby it off the line... any help would be great. also my car was doing one wheel burns outs in the box, what's up with that?!?!? I'm also in Hawaii and the track is a bit old. My best so far is a 13.2 @ 104 NA same suspension

05 Silver GT w/ 447RWHP
ATI Procharger w/ intercooler & cobra 39# injectors
x-cal tune
steeda adjustable lower trailing arms
mmr upper control arm
Steeda lowering springs
Mac Mufflers
Bassani X-pipe and compcats
Hurst Short throw shifter
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Feather it, just feather it! You got the power for 11's, it's in the technique!
Got slicks?
I swapped out the rears for these RE040, I've got 469rwhp 431rwtq @6000 at 10psi and 134mph, work alot better than the pirelli pzero and are a litttle wider, now as far as the 3743r mt street radials if that is what you did, they are an inch shorter and 373 gears make the driveshaft spin faster and the rear wheels will break loose faster as the rpms climb alot quiker....I think I stated that correctly.
So I hook up pretty well off the line after you overcome the lag and the boost really gets built up it gets loose at 4700 to 4850 rpms in 2nd and 3rd. if you look in the rearview you can see the possi patch follow

Hope this helps
if you are only turning one wheel during the burnout i would think there is something wrong with the posi. double check, if it is only one wheel then get the posi unit repaired.
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