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Decided to trade in my 2012 V6 auto for a 2013 v6 Manual ... got the dealer to take off my Borla Ataks and C&L CAI and put them on the new ride. Now i just have to wait for BAMA to get those 2013 tunes ready. They told me it would be available in a month , which is gonna drive me craazay :yelwacko:

This is my first black car and was wondering what i should do to give it that black on black stealthy look. Whats everyone favorite wheels for black stangs. i think those base rims need to go :p

I must say the manual drives so much better than the auto and its annoying unpredictable shifting pattern, it also sounds better as well ( will have a video soon :bigthumbsup )

New + old by Dm Design, on Flickr

Engine Bay by Dm Design, on Flickr

Borlas by Dm Design, on Flickr

side by Dm Design, on Flickr

Engine - Close up by Dm Design, on Flickr

On a side note, i must say the base cloth interior is so much more comfortable than the leather interior i had in my 2012. Also i test drove a v6 with those new recaro seats and they were the most uncomfortable seats i have ever driven in, especially for a tall guy like me :yelpleased:
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