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I don't know if I am the first, but I am trading my 05 V6 for the 06 GT. I went to the dealer yesterday and ordered a Tungsten Grey GT. I LOVE my V6, but for me, this car is not my daily driver and I want to keep it for a LONG time. I feel, in the long run the GT will hold its value better than the V6.
So now the wait begins. I have 6 people ahead of me and my dealer only gets 1 Gt per month. So unless I change dealers I am looking at spring of 2006.
I am trying to decide whether to sell my V6 now or wait till my GT comes in.
I must say that I am truly shocked how awsome the V6 is. It has plenty of power and it is really quick. I have driven many cars with more horsepower but they were not as quick as my V6. Ford truly got it right with this V6!!
Have been getting a lot of SNOW so I won't be driving the car in the winter anyway.
Right now I am leaning towards keeping the V6 till the Gt comes in.

I'd say keep the v6 til the GT arrives, esp if its not going to be until next spring. You'll get nice days in the fall & the spring where you'll want to tooly around in the 'stang. It's not like the value is going to decrease THAT much on your v6 by next spring... least, I wouldnt think so.
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