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Transgo/ B&M Shift Kit?

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Trying to firm up shifts with the AOD in my 91 GT. Next step after that will be ring & pinion.I have read some good things about the $189 Transgo kit but it looks a bit tricky to install? I picked up a catalog that had a kit from B&M for $29.99. Does anybody have any experience with either of these, or know what the major differences between the two kits / complexity of installing each of them would be?
I am hoping to firm up shifts, and hopefully change shift points a bit- anybody out there with a stock AOD knows what I mean when I say that around town the motor is constantly being kept below the power band and you really have to stomp it to get a downshift out of the AOD...and then its kinda late and mushy! I just find it hard to believe that a $30 kit could compare to a $189 kit, but I cant find anything online in the way of a review of the B&M kit. ANy input from anyone who has experience with either or both of these would be greatly appreciated.
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I've read mostly good, but a few negative, comments on the Transgo kit.
One thing to watch there is to NOT put blocker rings in the accumulator.

I've read just about all negative comments on the B&M.

You might want to check into the Baumann kit
About $50 and recognized as one of the best.

Just FYI here's some AOD info

Because of the way the AOD is designed, it's hard to
get really good control of shift points, although it can
be improved.

I've installed 2 Baumann kits and found them relatively easy.
Just important to pay strict attention to details, and be
sure to properly torque the vb bolts when you reinstall.
Takes a small inch-pound torque wrench.
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