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Hi, I'm swapping out a 260 v8 with a auto for a 5.0 Roller motor (Carb setup), I'd like to put a 4 or 5 speed transmission in this car.

I've been searching around for transmissions, found a few nearby or around but I'm scratching my head, whats going to hookup to the 5.0 motor and work in a 65 classic??

My dad said find a nice 4 speed toploader, but what else would fit in correctly, to broaden my searches.

This car will be driven 2-15 miles a day, daily. No long highway trips besides a vacation trip once a year.

Questions need answerd:
What will fit the easiest?(as little modding as needed)
What is the cheapest?
What year/from what/name do i look for?
What kind of money should i be paying?
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