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Transmission HELP needed...

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Hi I have an -95 GT with an automatic transmission, and lately the transmission is behaving wierd. It doesnt want to change into the 3rd gear, and if it does it doesnt want to change back in to the 2nd again... I know my way around cars but this is the first time I have anything to do with an automatic I have only worked on manual cars before... I have checked the fluid level and it seams like there is to much in the trans, but the oil looks fine and doesnt smell burned...

I hope i dont have to change the trans, if I do is there anyway to convert it into a manual? I heard that they have diffrent electric sheams, but Im not sure if this is true...

So I would appresiate some help...

thx robert.... :help:
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Sounds like it might be the Manual Position Range Sensor - the
electric gadget that is attached to the outside of the trans where
the manual shift lever is. It needs to be adjusted properly , basically
lined up with the lever - maybe it's loose?
Also, they have been known to get wet and the connections corroding
and failing.

Have you checked all the exterior wiring connections at the trans, just
in case it's a slightly loose plug or something simple like that?

If not that, maybe the next thing you'd have to have someone
check is the electric solenoid valves in the valve body inside.

Just for some good info on that valve body, go to,
look in the tech section, transmissions, and read thru the 1st
article (look in the article index, it's long) and the 2nd and 3rd
afticles. You can easily do some vb mods yourself for good
improvements in shifting.
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not to call you dumb or anything but, did you check the fluid level with the engine running and hot or not
Thanks macx for the pionters, tomorrow I'm gonna check the MPRS, and from the articles i found out that there sould be some solenoids that needs to be measured, so I'll try to do that... Then I'll might have a better idea whats going on..

I checked the oil when the car was cold and not running, I know that really you are supposed to do it with the oil warm, but it doesnt matter. cause today I took and changed the oil and filter just in case, that didnt do me any good at all...

we'll see what tomorrow brings...

thx rob...
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