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Transmission Identification

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Can anyone identify this tranny for me please?
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looks to me like A4LD. where did you get if from/out of?
I agree

It looks like an A4LD to me too.
I just wanted to be sure - I think its an A4LD as well, at lease thats what the car tag said.
Car - 91 Mustang Notch 2.3l 8 spark plugs

Now if only i could find a rebuild kit( hard and soft parts) for this tranny that would improve its life. I do not care too much for harsh shits (thats what big brother ['84 Stang with 302 and C4] is for :shiny:
Yes if it out of a 91 it is def a4ld. :bigthumbsup
Search around the forum somewhere I remember seeing a site for rebuliding these. Good luck.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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