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Hello Allfordmustangs,

I'm a noob on this forum and tried to search what is happing to my 1991 GT 5.0 and could not find it.

Story Behind the Problem:
1st off I had water leaking from a hose behind the intake manifold, so I had to take it off to replace it. While I was taking it off I noticed the TV cable was not hooked up to the throttle body (Just recently purchased this car). So I put everything back together and hooked the TV cable up to the TB.

Drove the car for a couple of days and now the tranny feels like it is slipping.

Reverse works perfect but when I put it in Drive, OD, or 1st (Automatic) the engine revs high and the car barely drives forward.

I tried to adjust the TV cable by watching Youtube videos and reading writeups on it.

Could it be the transmission?
Is it that I'm not adjusting the TV cable properly?
Is the torque converter going bad?

Please help, any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if someone has a .pdf of a service manual that would be awesome because my Haynes one that I bought is worthless

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Driving the car with an improperly adjusted cable could burn up the clutches in the transmission but heres how to adjust it

From AllData:


  1. Set parking brake and place shift selector in Neutral position.
  2. Remove air cleaner cover and inlet tube from throttle body inlet.
  3. Using a wide blade screwdriver, pry grooved pin on cable assembly out of grommet on throttle body lever.
  4. Using small screwdriver push out white locking tab. Ensure plastic block with pin and tab slides freely on notched rod. if it does not slide freely, the white tab may not be pushed out far enough.
  5. while holding throttle lever firmly against its idle stop, push grooved pin into grommet on throttle lever as far as it will go. While pushing pin into grommet, do not move throttle lever away from idle stop.
  6. Install air cleaner cover and air inlet tube.
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