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transmission ratios in 5-speed Mustang GT

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Anyone know where I can look up the transmission ratios for the five speed in the 2006 GT? While I wait, I can occupy my mind with figuring the theorectical top speed, shift points, RPM @ 70MPH , etc.

It has the TR3650 5-Speed.

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This is from the Dec 2004 issue of Car and Driver:
It's for a 2005 GT with the 5 speed manual, the 2006 GT should be identical.

1st Gear
Ratio: 3.34
Mph/1,000 RPM: 6.6

2nd Gear
Ratio: 2.00
Mph/1,000 RPM: 11.0

3rd Gear
Ratio: 1.32
Mph/1,000 RPM: 16.7

4th Gear
Ratio: 1.00
Mph/1,000 RPM: 22.0

5th Gear
Ratio: 0.67
Mph/1,000 RPM: 32.8
I believe that 3.55 is the axle ratio.
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